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So you want to volunteer... YAY!! Thank you! 

Before you decide, read our Terms of Service document. If you are okay with the terms and responsibilities that come with being a volunteer, then fill out and submit the registration form.

If you are selected as a volunteer you will go through a brief orientation to understand the code of conduct and FTB's operation procedures and protocol. At this time you will need to submit your signed Terms of Service form.

Working with these animals will change your life. You may even find one (or two) who you bond with and who you want to become part of your permanent flock.


You definitely will learn a lot about these fascinating and intelligent creatures and the sad state in which many find themselves.

If you are considering a career in the Veterinary field then becoming an Avian Certified Vet is a critical need for our area (and many others).

Volunteer to help.
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