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This is a big category when it comes to birds. Click through the slide show for some quick tips and do more reading  details
Be careful of cooking and hot, open cookware.


Nonstick surfaces found in cookware, space heaters, popcorn makers and various other appliances, emit toxic fumes when heated that can kill birds without warning. 


Replace nonstick cookware with stainless-steel, cast iron, or ceramic cookware (PTFE/PFOA free).


Before you use a new appliance make sure you do a burn in (ideally this would be outside or in the garage far away from your birds). 


If doing this inside, ensure your home is well-ventilated (e.g. open windows and screened doors) and temporarily locate your bird to an area of your home with a separate airspace.

A pot full of boiling water might look like a great bathing spot to your bird – very bad! And worse, the pot may be full of hot oil or sauce. Keep your bird away from the kitchen when you are cooking.

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