Health & Care

With more than 100 parts at your fingertips, you can learn bird anatomy quickly and effectively.
Beaks are a combination of strength and sensitivity, strong enough to crack a walnut yet delicate enough to peel a grape.
How to understand and modify your bird's behaviors.
They can look and act healthy but be very sick.
Document Files
Some reference and templates for Bird Owners.
The eye is a complex and delicate organ with many parts that work together to make sight possible.
Learn about feather anatomy and growth.
How to keep those digits healthy!
Life Expectancy
Look up the published life expectancy for your bird.
Renal Support
Read about the health benefits from eating cherries.
Learn about sprouting and get the supplies you need.
Uropygial Gland
The preening gland... what is it and why should I be concerned with it?
Veterinarian Visits
When should I go and what should be done.
Vet Bills
Get help with Vet Bills
Zoonoses are diseases that can be spread from animals to people.
Assess your bird's weigh without a scale.
Parrot Safe Wood
Make sure it's safe and clean from mold and insecticides.
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