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Our ONLY goal is to provide resources for birds who have limited or no options. We are not here to make money on adoptions or to randomly place birds without carful forethought and consideration. We believe it is our responsibility to be an advocate and protector for a segment of the animal population that is being exploited. All our adoption and fostering policies have been developed and are implemented to protect the birds who are in our care.



We charge fees for all adoptions which are used to pay for the rescue's expenses.


Go here for details and requirements


Sometimes life happens and people find themselves in circumstances that are beyond their control. If you find yourself in this situation and need to surrender your birds, go her for more information.

  • Before making a decision on adoption, do research on what bird ownership means.

  • Visit the Rescue and meet the birds to make sure you have a connection and get to know them.

  • Use the resources on this site and links provided to learn as much as you can about proper care and husbandry.


We all need to get away from time to time and it's awesome if you have someone who will watch your bird whom you can trust. We provide boarding services for a reasonable fee. Bring your own cage and fill out a boarding agreement.

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