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First Aid & Emergencies

The first thing you NEED to do is prepare yourself for the inevitable injury or illness that will require first aid or an emergency trip to the Vet.


Obviously the BEST plan is to avoid injury so take the time to bird-proof your home and to set the rules for all family members to follow when the bird is out of his cage. If your bird lives without an enclosure then bird-proofing is even more critical.


When a bird is injured you must assess the severity and provide FIRST aid to minimize further trauma or to save her life as would be necessary with significant blood loss.

In the case of a natural disaster like tornado, hurricane, flooding, or fire you need an evacuation plan (both a standard and emergency evacuation plan).

In the case of sudden illness, have your VET and emergency VET numbers readily available, your bird's medical folder, and know when it's okay to wait until morning or if you need to get to the hospital right away.

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