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Behavior & Training

Behavior is one of most discussed topics when it comes to companion parrots. After we figure out the diet and vet checks, accommodations and enrichment opportunities, many of us turn to focusing on building that relationship. If we're lucky we can handle our birds and have a relatively uneventful exchange.


Some owners aren't that fortunate. Every parrot owner will have to deal with a hormonal or aggressive bird as some point, and how YOU respond will make that interaction positive or negative. If you are struggling with behavioral issues or you just want to take your relationship to the "next level" here are some links you might find helpful.


  • Don't take aggressive displays or bites personally, your bird is communicating to you so try to understand what s/he is trying to tell you.

  • Observe the bird's body language so you can learn to 'read' it's mood and predict the response that is coming.

  • Try to understand the causes of your bird's response ... Is he fearful? Does she not want to do what she 'knows is coming' next? 

  • Positive reinforcement is by far the best way to work with your bird and keep your relationship intact.

  • Don't feel you have to do it alone ... talk to a behaviorist and learn the skills of positive reinforcement.

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