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Sept 17 ... Time Flies

Wow time really flies with so many birds to take care of.

First, we have some bad news. We have lost 2 birds to poor health and unknown medical issues. There are many who are very sick but they’re hanging in there. We have one with a prolapse who was rushed to the vet.

On the bright side we have the temporary housing moved to the 501(c)3 property and are working on hookups and settling everyone in. We have ordered new cages for many of them because the ones they’re in are so bad (they will be destroyed).

We are grooming beaks and nails and showering and getting them Vet appointments. The biggest accomplishment is they are ALL OFF SEEDS and eating chop, pellets, Ekkie pellet recipes, fruits, and nuts. All are getting milk thistle, celery seed and cherry juice.

As you can imagine this is not an inexpensive undertaking but we wanted to take a moment and "shout out to A&E Cages" who not only gave us a discount on cages but were kind enough to set up a payment plan. Thank you for your support.

Total cost for cages, perches, toys, and all the stuff they need for housing is around $13,000.00. That doesn’t include site prep and the temporary facility to put these cage into and it certainly doesn't include medical bills. Your donations are desperately needed and greatly appreciated so please, if you can, every bit helps.

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