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Rescue Me ... updates from the recent emergency rescue.

Here are the early updates on our first major rescue.

SEPT 8, 2016 ...

WOW, sorry for the delay but as you can imagine things are very busy around here. Temporary housing is set up and birds are being moved into clean cages and given toys and baths. They are all converted from seeds to pellets and chop and many are staring to act and look better. We are triaging now to get the sickest ones to the vet first. Please continue your support and spread the word because THIS is the critical part.

SEPT 3, 2016 ...

Now the REAL work begins. We are kicking into high gear and have many volunteers out working on setting up emergency, temporary housing for these birds.

SEPT 2, 2016 ...

We have finally obtained legal custody of the birds (after a week of efforts). YAY!!

The former owner has signed them over to us so now we can start getting them medical care.

Some are not doing well at all... this little girl is very sick and lethargic so she will be among the first to get veterinary attention.

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