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Home Sweet Home ...

And the cages arrive ...

WOW, we cannot believe how fast September passed us by. The furry of activity is so

great around here that before we knew it, we looked up and September was G-O-N-E. Yikes!

Here's another update on our progress. In our last blog we told you about our good friends at A&E Cages and how they gave us a discounted price to help with the immediate need for new cages. Well guess what WE got this week?

Thank you so much to the good folks at A&E for the helping hand. They were also understanding about our financial situation so they set up a payment plan... how awesome is that?!

Just look at these cages. OMG they are so sturdy and stackable to help with space limitations. We will be spending the weekend setting up the new cages and transitioning more of these babies into new "condos." :)

If you're looking to upgrade to a new cage then we strongly recommend A&E. Great product, great prices, and great people! In case you didn't already know, the Bird Barn is a distributor for A&E and all profits from the sales go to the Rescue. If you don't see the style you want online, then send us a email and we will work to get you the cage you're looking for at a great price. We can even supply the toys and perches ... how's that for a one-stop shop?

As always, donations are still needed. Our expenses are continually growing and we rely solely on donations and sales from the Bird Barn to fund the care and continued maintenance of these birds.

Next week our Vet should be back from medical leave and we will begin the long task of testing everyone. This expense is expected to be around $300 each for the checkup and tests (including blood work). At 62 birds, that's a bill of around $18,000.00 so yes, it is incredibly expensive to fund and properly run a rescue.

If you have donated, Thank You for your support. If you haven't yet and are able to support, please use the donate button above or on our For the Birds Rescue FaceBook page or the donations link above ... no amount to too small, EVERY bit helps.

Note: If you're doing paypal and you select 'send to a friend/family' then the entire amount will go to the Rescue. The email address is:

Keep an eye out for future updates and pictures of the new cages all set up and occupied.

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