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Special Diet - Hyacinth Macaw

Here is a nutrition comparison for Palm Kernels to other nuts. As shown in the table, the palm kernel is not a significant source of anything other than fat. Since it is a primary component of the Hyacinth in the wild, it's generally accepted that this bird requires a higher fat diet but without access to the palm kernel it's evident that coconut is the closest alternative. Still, you will want to look at the levels of the other nuts. Coconut is higher in the carb column but low in protein. Macadamia is low in both carbs and protein so a combination of the two is a good recipe for success. For variety add a few more from this table and you will have one happy bird.


For the Hyacinth macaw the recommend  diet consists of 70% vegetables, 15% fruit, and 15% nuts daily for a non-flying bird.  Vitamin supplements should not be needed if a balanced diet is provided and you want to keep the protein levels on the low side ... why? Well, protein (especially animal protein) is harder for adult birds to process. As with ALL companion parrots, regular checkups with blood tests should be performed by your Avian Certified Veterinarian to monitor health and dietary needs. Learn the signs and symptoms of vitamin deficiencies and adjust with natural vegetable and fruit sources.


A well balanced, fresh diet will ensure your Hyacinth lives up to that "Gentle Giant" reputation. 

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