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Tis the Season ...

With Cold & Flu season coming on in the U.S., people are asking about infecting their pets ... what you need to know about zoonoses.

Zoonoses are diseases that are transmitted from animals to people. Although rare, it is important to understand that they do exist and what precautions you can take to keep you and your family healthy.

Most human diseases are not transmittable to companion birds. However, you can transmit nasty things from OTHER birds to your flock.

If you are exposed to birds other than your own then you could be bringing germs back into your flock. There are certain bacteria and viruses that parrots are susceptible to, so if you volunteer at a Rescue or go to a Bird Expo, pet store, Bird Club meeting, or even visit a friend's house you might want to practice good "quarantine" protocol and change your clothes and wash your hands before you prepare food, visit the bird room, or handle your flock.

As a standard practice you should also not let your bird come into contact with your saliva by kissing or sharing food.

If your bird is healthy with a strong immune system they should be able to fight most infections. Always keep their cages, food bowls, and play areas clean.

Always keep a lookout for signs of illness and contact your Vet immediately if you think your bird is sick. A sick bird will fluff up their plumage, be apathetic, may not have an appetite, and may be sleeping more than usual.

CLICK HERE for a handy little chart for zoonotic diseases for many animal types.

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