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Chop for an Army!

So okay, we all know that chop is a LOT of work but so worth it for healthy parrots. Some find it relaxing and therapeutic to process veggies for the week but when you run a rescue, one that is truly focused on good husbandry, then imagine how much work it is to make chop enough for 80!

The birds in our Rescue eat as well as the ones in our home so preparing chop is a real "mission" around here. I though you might enjoy a few pictures of how we feed the "troops."

First comes the chopping... for a crowd like WE have, food processors are a big help. This is no small bowl, it is a punch bowl layered with greens and orange veggies, purple cabbage, cauliflower, and radishes.

Then we mix it up and dish it up in assembly line fashion. We dish out the veggies and then add in a small portion of fruit, tree nuts, and pellets (except for Eclectus ... they don't get processed pellets, we make our own). The little berries in the bowls are cranberries which are good for your birds.

They all love their chop and are doing very well on this healthy diet. The pellets we use are ZuPreem Daily Blend or Roudybush Daily Maintenance. We selected these brands because they are free of seeds, dried fruits, and peanuts.

This is JUST the food prep and this happens twice a day. In addition to this they all get fresh water and cages are cleaned regularly, showers, and nails and beaks are cared for.

For the Birds because they deserve to be well cared for and loved especially given all they've been through. We are working to get them ready to start a NEW life with a new flock so whoever gets to adopt one of our birds will have a GREAT start. If you follow our recommendations your bird will be well adjusted and much healthier.

Oh, and THIS ... this is a happy chop face?

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