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So you have done your research and you have an idea of what you're getting into. Now it's time to make the next step ... start the adoption process.

The process starts when you fill out an application. The Board of Directors will review the application and make a decision based on the information provided whether to proceed.


The next step will be (ideally) the applicant coming to the Rescue to meet the birds and spend some time getting to know one another.


A 'connection' with a bird will go a LONG way to a happy, long term, friendship. Sometimes the connection is immediate, sometimes it takes a little time to get to know each other, and sometimes it doesn't happen. If you want a certain bird but there is no connection, consider a different bird ... it really makes for a better outcome.


If all the other things go well and you connect with one of our birds then there will be an interview, maybe some husbandry education, and a home visit. 

Thank you for your interest in adopting and we hope to find a perfect match and a forever home.

Fill out an application...

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We are currently working on an Online application and are experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

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